Our Baby Creations

About me 

My name is Trisha and I've worked as an Early Childhood Educator for about 10 years, most recently working with infants. I've also taught preschool and lead infant and toddler classrooms.  

I started creating my own pacifier clips after being inspired while working as a caregiver in an infant classroom at a nursery. All of the babies had these adorable clips that kept their pacifiers in place. I thought it was a wonderful idea and started making my own. I also wanted to create something that I could utilize with my little girl who I'm expecting in April of 2011! 

I'm currently working on new projects which i'll be able to introduce soon! 

About my clips

It was a long process in figuring out what worked to create a pacifier clip. I made observations of store bought/"name brand" clips and of other handmade clips.

I chose to use a liquid bond because I felt the hold is so much stronger then a stitch. Even though using that type of bond makes the process of creating the clip longer, its well worth it!

I also chose to use velcro over snaps. I've tried both and in my honest opinion, The velcro seems so much safer then a snap fastener! Plus, working with young children, I've used velcro for just about everything in my classrooms and can vouch that velcro lasts long! Velcro is definitely an educators best friend. =D